Photo By: Shannon Mollerus

As I type this, I realize I am becoming what we call a “see lai” in Cantonese. See lais are typically stay-at-home mothers or grandmothers who go to the market and comparison shop for everything. They will argue for every penny. They study grocery store fliers, know the price of milk at more than one store and always check their grocery bill.

I did check my grocery bill last night, even though it was a whole 26 hours after I left the store. I know I should check the bill before leaving the store, but after spending an hour at a busy supermarket, I usually just want to get the heck out of there. I learned my lesson when I realized the cashier had charged me for toilet paper twice. I doubt she did it on purpose but it still made me a little angry, especially since at $11.49, it was the most expensive item on the bill. So I called the store, they apologized and said I could come in for a refund. She politely added that next time, I should check before I leave. Point noted.

Lesson Learned: Check your grocery bill thoroughly before leaving the store.

As other blogs and media have pointed out, it’s also important to watch the prices as the cashier scans in your items. Chances are, you’re being charged a different price from the displays in the store and it’s more likely in favour of the supermarket.