Photo By: Shahram Sharif

The forecast here in Toronto calls for a rainy weekend. It’s good weather for staying in and reading. Here were some of my favourite reads from the past week:

How to Live with Just 100 Things: Time Magazine reports on participants of the 100 Things challenge, including Dave Bruno of Guy Named Dave, who are taking the lead on clutter and reducing their pile of stuff to a concise list of 100 things. Could you live with only 100 things? Probably, but the question is would you want to?

Yeah, You’re Cheap Quiz: It’s its A fun quiz to see whether you’re cheap or frugal, smart or stupid with your cash. Yes, it’s Time Out NY, but it can be applied to any city.

How To Achieve Any Goal: Leo, writer of Zen Habits has a knack for making it seem so simple. Every challenge has its bigger bumps. Whether we want to be more financially fit or athletically fit, we all need motivation and the reminder that we can do it.

Advice for Starting A New Business: As a person who dreams she will one day be her own boss, I gravitate towards advice for starting my own business. J.D. of one of my favourite blogs, Get Rich Slowly, asks his knowledgeable readers on what they think a new entrepreneur should know.

Please share your favourite articles, blog entries and other links with me.