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Photo by Andrea Chiu

Some politicians will tell you that being green means spending more money. Not true if you ask me. In fact, becoming a little more environmentally-friendly is often the way to save yourself some green.

In a recent Treehugger post, Frugal Green Living: Save $1000 Using These 6 Tips, writer Colin Dunn suggests the following:

  1. Hang your laundry out to dry
  2. Eat more veggies and less meat
  3. Set your thermostat wisely
  4. Convince your boss to let you work four (slightly longer) days a week
  5. Walk or bike on one trip that’s two miles round-trip/week
  6. Make your own all-purpose cleaner

For a breakdown of how Dunn came to the $1000 figure, you’ll have to read the whole article. Obviously, not everyone will come away with the same results. If you already pack your lunch, you probably won’t save the $10/week from working four days a week. If you live in a climate like I do, winter forces you to put away your bikes and turn up the thermostat.

Commenters on the blog have also pointed out that meat is actually cheaper than many fruits and vegetables. I suggest replacing meat with beans instead of vegetables all the time. They provide protein, are filling and are much cheaper than meat.

My favourite way to be eco-friendly and economic is to carry around my Sigg water bottle. At $25, it wasn’t cheap, but I haven’t bought a single bottle of water since I got it months ago. It also stops me from buying juice or pop. I estimate this simple act has saved me $2/weekday. That’s $10/week and $40/month.

What are your favourite ways to cut costs and your carbon footprint?